jason.jpgJason E. Norred
Founder and President of DigiTribe Productions, Jason does what he can to hold this group together without ripping a hole in the fabric of space and time.

joey.jpgJoseph Rhodes
V.P. Audio Production
Co-Founder of DigiTribe Productions, Joseph leads the division for sound development, and music recording. Give him your beats, your screams, your underground music, that wants to be free. Joseph is the Right Brain.

mifsud.jpgChristopher Mifsud
Creative Developer
Christopher was raised in an artistic and laid back lifestyle. He went to train in Los Angeles becoming a make-up and special fx artist at the Make-up Designory, and continued training under a number of notable artists in the industry. Christopher returned to Altanta to lend his vision, art and sarcastic humor to all of DigiTribe's projects.

andy.jpgAndrew Kemp
Creative Developer
Andrew is a grown-up Ritalin kid with passions in storytelling, subversion, and Subway sandwiches. Andrew devotes his time to writing and directing in DigiTribe's film endeavors.

stephen.jpgStephen Cheney
Creative Developer
Stephen excels at documenting things to exhaustion (writing a short blurb is very hard for him). He also enjoys coming up with systems, organization schemes, and rulesets (in order to have more to document). Sometimes, he also dabbles in graphics and layout.

cameron.jpgCameron Cook
Creative Developer
Cameron probably does not exist, he is likely a figment of our imagination. A vapor, a ghost.

morehead.jpgJohn Kazuo Morehead
Creative Developer
John Kazuo Morehead was trained as a director at Gulford College in Greensboro, NC and St. Clare's College in Oxford, UK. He now lives in Atlanta and leads the DigiTribe Theatre Group. John looks to find a way to make a living as a professional escapist and failed existentialist.

puster.jpgJohn Puster
Creative Developer
Often referred to as The Left Brain, John brings experience in data/code manipulation, applied reason and healthy skepticism to this wildly creative team. Who subverts the paradigm of the paradigm subverters? John does.

mike.jpgMike Allen
Creative Developer
Aspiring astrophysicist, human calculator and bartender extrodinaire, Mike lends his brain to many DigiTribe projects.

trish.jpgTrish Rhodes
Creative Developer
Trish obtained her Associates of Art at Clayton University in 1998 and a Certificate in Camera Basics from The Showcase School of Photography in 1997. She contributes visual aesthetics to DigiTribe through her ability to render other forms of communication in visual terms.

xavier.jpgXavier Ashe
Creative Developer
Proginitor of random brilliance - Xavier has been known to generate the most perfect ideas at the most completly random intervals. When he is not doing this, Xavier focuses on Sales, Marketing and Partnerships.

Other Team Members

  • Bill Smith
  • Erin Barr
  • Carling Kirk
  • Erik Ellickson
  • April Fall
  • Jeremy Ivey
  • Amber Wise
  • Dave King
  • Jennifer Doran
  • Sabrina Cown
  • Kermit Holden
  • Briana Westmoreland
  • Coby Manning
  • Roki Edwards
  • Eddy Dollar
  • Joe Peacock
  • Brian Fitzgerald
  • Ben Bell
  • Josh Wade
  • Merrill Wilcox
  • Lisa Allen
  • Justin Morgan
  • Adam Morris
  • Jason von Stein
  • Jim Smith
  • Russell Wickless
  • Rachel Marshall
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