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Grindhouse: My Dream Comes True Edition

Rumor: Grindhouse Theatrical Experience BD

An early announcement to retailers indicates that Genius Products and The Weinstein Company are set to release Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's 'Grindhouse' on Blu-ray on August 11. No edition details are available, other than this would be a two-disc set, but it may well be the theatrical Grindhouse double feature.

'Grindhouse' was conceived, edited and shown theatrically (in the US) as a typical exploitation double-feature as one could attend at cheap theaters in the 1970s: it consisted of two features ('Planet Terror', by Robert Rodriguez, and 'Death Proof' by Quentin Tarantino), interspersed with fake trailers and bumpers.

However, the film underperformed theatrically and the films were released separately (in expanded versions) on home video. The Grindhouse double feature wasn't even released theatrically in Europe, and its only DVD release so far is a coveted special edition from Japan.

It had long been rumored that the Grindhouse experience could be released on disc to tie in with 'The Inglourious Basterds'. But considering the increasing financial problems that The Weinstein Company is going through, which even made them give up the home video rights for 'Basterds', many had already given up hope.

I've No Need For A Metal RoboCop Poster, Eh?

Why was I not informed of this? This is an example of something you'd call me immediately upon discovery, like in that "house is on fire" frantic tone or some such.

And the winner of the MondoTees/AICN Metal Tyler Stout RoboCop poster is...

I don't know what I would have designed but I would have won.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (and beyond)

Well, when I left off, I was at Prisoner of Azkaban. What have I done in the past two months? Read the whole effing series. With a little help from books on tape (and about 6 hours of driving a day, thanks to Lisa's busted ass car), I was able to read all of the final four books, knocking them out in about a book every two weeks. It got increasingly harder to put down, culminating with me polishing the last book off over the weekend. My favorite of the series? Probably the last one. It was definitely the most emotional one, and the one that took place nearly entirely outside of Hogwarts. It gets docked a few points because all the loose ends were not tied up (you do not find out the fate of some main characters, and some main characters are pulled away with no lead up; they just appear, dead, with no word how).

Favorite overall character (not part of the main three): Actually, strangely enough, Ginny Weasley. Every time she was on the page, she left me with a smile on my face. That girl has some fire.

Favorite Overall Character: Harry Potter. It sounds cheesy, but he really is a great empathetic character, sort of like Frodo in LoTR.

Where to go from here? I am going through the books again. I do not want to leave the Harry Potter world at this point, so I am going to reread them all from the beginning. I should be able to pick up a great amount of stuff I missed in the first go round.

I'm 31

Yeah.... as some of you no doubt figured out, today was my birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes. Even better, more awesomer thanks to those who sent bourbon with their well wishes. (Top Shelf Wishes?)

Among my list of birthday presents this year, I received: some awesome home made art from my kids, lunch at the Vortex with a good friend, a circuit board picture frame for my office with a sketch of me with the kids, and a kick ass new short film script from Andy that gave me 7 new gray hairs from worrying about how we were going to pull it off.

I'm sooo behind schedule on post-production for the new feature - and here we are adding new projects... new HARD projects! Would you guys do me a favor and tell us that our films suck and that you don't want to see a new short film ... ?

Ah well. More stuff on the way soon.

"He Deserves Not A Black Belt, But An Oscar." - TIME Magazine

I think Mr. Van Damme is telling me to start a review thread of his films.

This will be mine, oh yes, this will be mine.

Quite possibly the greatest cover design for a movie. I want a poster of this (with the quote on it of course).

JCVD: Jean-Claude Van Damme Kicks His Own Ass!,8599,1857303,00.html

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

(I am following each reading of the book with a viewing of the movie. This is the first one to severely diverge from its book.)

This series is getting interesting. And dark. I like the path it is taking, but, as with the Chamber of Secrets write up, everyone has read them or watched the movie, so I will not do a full report.

I like the character development, but my favorite character is increasingly Professor Dumbledore. He is more mischievous than you really get in the movies, and it has led to many an interesting moment.

Started Goblet of Fire last night. I hope to read Half-Blood Prince before the movie.

New Digitriber?


or video from a future Digitwin?

A 9 months baby play synthesizer. from linyuchen on Vimeo.

Update on books

Psych: Good, but only if you are a Psych fan.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Just catching up with everyone else. I have started the series again (read the first book some time ago) and tore through this book in about two days. Really good story, and I can see how this series captured the heart of America. Midway through the third book now and, after a week in Orlando, should pick up the pace soon.

The Jason Voorhees Filmography Countdown

In celebration of the most recent Friday, February 13th and of the release of the series "reboot" of Friday the 13th, I have decided to take a journey down memory lane and review all past films featuring the world's most iconic fictional slasher, Jason Voorhees.

I was introduced to Jason at a very young age (late nights on the USA Network, woohoo!) and I've been a megafan ever since. I vividly recall childhood camping trips where I would summarize the films by campfire to anyone that bothered to listen. I even dedicated a Halloween or two to Jason by fixing up the best hockey masked slasher costume I could scrounge up. No other slasher or horror movie stands up to this character or his movies so added incentive to compose these reviews are evident. If this is the year that we celebrate briefly Jason again, I owe it to myself and to the film franchise to write all I can about it.

For those who missed my Arnold Schwarzenegger Countdown, the process is as follows. Using my fanboy powers, I go back and rewatch all pertinent movies and carefully decide how to rank them in regards to all around personal enjoyment. I'll provide an official poster for each film, a cast list, brief synopsis, my take, thoughts on the film score, body counts, favorite kill, and probably more when it comes closer to the time that I start posting up each film review. For a categorical look, here is what I am projecting:

The Specs - Title, Release Date, Tagline, Cast
The Review - My take on the film
The Score - Brief thoughts on the music
The Sequence - My favorite, most memorable scene
The Body Count - Total on screen or implied deaths of anyone by anyone
The Line - My favorite quote of the film
The Shot - The singular image that defines the film
My Favorite Kill - The most unique death, most likely
The Man Behind The Mask - Short commentary on each portrayal/performance of Jason

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