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YAB - Yet Another Blog

I am opening up this blog to post my creative endeavors. While my input into each DigiTribe project is different, I think I will use this spot to post cool DIY projects that I find. I maintain a collection of blogs as it is, so I don't expect many posts, but we'll see.

Expect wondrous randomness soon!

This is not the blog you are looking for.

I must admit, I'm impressed with the new DigiSite.

Now to hax it.

Creating Content!


Hi! I'm Stephen, another DigiTribe developer. I do an eclectic mix of tasks for our films, but my primary love is game-related projects. In fact, my role has been lighter in our recent DigiTribe stuff since I moved across two state lines to work for a video game company.

Since I post a lot of game design theory on my private blog that people tell me I ought to open up to the interwebs at large, I will be using this blog primarily to re-publish such concepts. This should give the larger internet community the opportunity to agree with me or tell me I'm an idiot. I will warn you that doing either at least validates that you're listening to me flap my fingers at the web.

Prior to a substantive post, you are welcome to peruse the monthly column I wrote for RPGnet throughout 2006: Gestalt. It focuses on tips and tricks for working on a team to design an RPG, of the type that is primarily found in LARPs.

Introduction & Intention

I'd like to first say hello and welcome to the new Digitribe community website. For those that don't know me, my name is Erik and I play a contributive role for most things Digitribe. My specific arena these days is Set Design for our film projects, storyboards, and Visual Design for everything else like comics and an upcoming project that I am not sure I can detail just yet, so keep checking our website, we aim to keep the community posted as frequently as possible. I hope to see all comers involved within our community, we've got great potential to become something wonderful. I look forward to your contributions.

As for this particular blog, I believe my intention is to reserve this space as commentary regarding whatever it is I happen to be doing for Digitribe at any given moment. So expect a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff from an artistic/visual perspective. I predict I'll have a healthy mix of text and imagery to present as the year(s) progress. Keep in touch and thank you for giving me a look and read.

getting settled in

ah change...that bastard of hope, fear, paranoia, excitement. i'm liking the new digs even though there are a couple of glitches in the system. that's ok. we'll get it worked out. hope you like all the new content i will be throwing you. get ready...

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