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getting back on track

it feels good to get back on track. for the holidays i let myself spiral out of the contracts and schedules i had set for myself. that's ok, everyone needs some breathing room (especially when creativity is at hand) as not to burn out. sometimes though, it's hard to remember that you had a schedule before you got so...lazy. finding that again is like a great big gift to yourself. it's a budget...for your time. want to do something? put it in the budget. write it down (fans of david allen's book getting things done will know what i am talking about here.) things that once seemed daunting turn into one step here, one step there, nothing to worry about.

some things you're going to hear from me soon... click read more for the details

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Filmography Countdown

A challenge has been bestowed upon me. In an attempt to decipher what my all time favorite Arnold Schwarzenneger movie is, I am to watch and immediately post a review of each and every one of his major films. After consulting his IMDB credits, I think I can do this. I am bypassing his cameo appearances, voice acting, and bit TV roles he had in the late 70's. So here's the list, in alphabetical order:

*Batman and Robin
*Collateral Damage
Conan The Barbarian
Conan The Destroyer
End of Days
*Hercules In New York
*Jingle All The Way
*Kindergarten Cop
Last Action Hero
*Pumping Iron
*Raw Deal
Red Heat
*Red Sonja
Running Man
Sixth Day
*Terminator 1
Terminator 2
*Terminator 3
Total Recall
*True Lies

* = Not currently in my collection but accessible from and/or Netflix.

Recalling Andy's Barrage of Bond Reviews, I think I am going to follow similar paths. So each film will be watched in a process of elimination/last movie standing format and the corresponding reviews will be written in a standard/consistent format of topics. Although I do not really have a worst Arnold movie, the first review will be the bottom of the barrel while the final review will be crowned as my all time favorite Arnold flick.

The review format will be as follows:

· The Specs - Title, Year, Cast, Tagline, Poster, etc.
· The Review - Probably anywhere between 3-4 paragraphs.
· The Score - Yeah, I'm reviewing music from Arnold movies. Beat that, Ebert!
· The Sequence - Standout scene.
· The Body Count - A must.
· The Line - Defining catch phrase.
· The Shot - One standout still shot.
· The Extra - Random bonus tidbit.

See you at the party, Richter.

insomnia induced musical craziness

it sucks having a cold
it sucks having a cold and you cough and it gives you insomnia
even more that everything you have tried to take won't fix it

it also sucks that while in the throws of insomnia you happen to remember this band in the 90s who you thought was so awesome and saw them live twice. only you can't remember the name of the band, or the name of any of the songs.

they might have played with the meices once, around 94, 95 and maybe played with dink 95, 96.

they had a song about the creator of the shopping mall, and quite possible someone in the band wore traditional native american garb? (maybe the drummer? )

that last bit sounds odd so it may or may not be true.

but damnit for some reason i want to hear that song about shopping malls, even though i have no idea what it sounded like.

if anyone knows of this band and can decipher all of this and tell me who it is...thank you!

please, i need help...

Raiders of the Lost R2-D2

I'll Update You Sexy Fuckers ...

Okay everyone,

Goes like this. I have some new show dates up and coming involving both "The Highland Ballroom" as well as "The Funny Farm," so check this out:

Jan 5 2009 9:00P
Star Bar - Open Mic Atlanta GA
Jan 8 2009 9:00P
"Comedy Gold" @ The Warren City Club Atlanta GA
Jan 12 2009 9:00P
Star Bar - Open Mic Atlanta GA
Jan 13 2009 8:00P
"Crash Test Comedy" @ The Highland Ballroom Lounge Atlanta GA
Jan 15 2009 9:00P
"Comedy Gold" @ The Warren City Club Atlanta GA
Feb 11 2009 8:00P
Funny Farm "Green To Gold" Open Mic Roswell GA

New videos have also been posted recently. I also have my first 13 minute performance available for anyone who wants it, just drop me a polite line.

"Getting Caught" Live @ Comedy Gold

What will you do with the extra second?

Apparently, we have an extra second tonight that is being tacked on to the end of 2008 to realign Atomic Time and Terrestrial Time. Small variances in the earth's rotation, have built up where it is now necessary to have 61 seconds in the last minute of the year. A leap second.

What are you going to do with your extra second? Don't let it go to waste. Pick something to do with it - and use your extra time wisely.

So ... Comedy ... Me ... Stand-Up ... Yeah ...

To bring you all up to speed. Now when not being injured on the set of the latest digitribe short or feature* I have been performing as a stand up comic.

In Chronological Order:

My first open mic:

My First Open Mic

A little geeky & other humor:

Star Bar - 11/24/2008

"Tramp Stamp" Live @ Comedy Gold


RED Monster Announcement: Modular Cameras, a DSLR, 3D and 28k

Rumors of a RED DSLR had been confirmed a long time ago, but what of the Scarlet and EPIC übercamcorders? On the REDUser forums, RED CEO Jim Jannard has explained it all: Scarlet and EPIC are the DSLR — all cameras are "part of the same DSMC system", so each and every camera will be part of a modular, build-your-own, still and video product line based on the Scarlet and EPIC 'Brains'. To do this, RED has furnished an insanely diverse new collection of components, with sensors ranging from the $2500 3k Scarlet to the $55,000, 28k EPIC 617 Mysterium Monstro.
galleryPost('redannounce1', 10, '');

trance tuesdays...

hey guys just figured i'd let you know i am doing a regular trance night at the cave. it's a tapas bar out in kennesaw. syntronik and i are going to be spinning from 8 to midnight.

1619 collins rd
kennesaw ga 30152

you should come out, hang out with me. it will be fun. the more people we get there the longer they will extend tuesdays out to us so my MAD magazine addiction!

an update on the korg ds 10, and another video

so the korg ds 10 cartridge for the nintendo ds has been pushed back until october 14th. i'm seriously thinking about getting a homebrew cart so i can play with this now...

still have my preorder.

this is a very serious tool, and not just a tool. watch the below video and see if you can't imagine having a few people together, one on bass, one on leads, a couple on drums, and a lead. this is amazing stuff (if i did it right, the below link should be high quality.)

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