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"The Fall" - Review

Art imitating film.

There were six of them - The Indian, The Explosives Expert, The Former Slave, The Mystic, Charles Darwin, and The Masked Bandit. They had nothing in common except for one thing, they all sought revenge against the evil Governor Odious.

It’s rare to find a film like this one. Every once in a while a director will release something that is truly a visual masterpiece to it’s viewers. Tarsem (director of “The Cell” and REM’s “Losing My Religion” music video), found the perfect vanity project to unleash his inner creativity. He found an epic and sweeping children's story told by a suicidal actor. With it he paints one hell of a picture.

“The Fall” is the story of little Alexandria, a young foreign girl stuck in a hospital with a broken arm after suffering a fall in a California orange grove. This precocious little youngster does her best to satiate her boredom by wandering the hospital as her arm heals. In one of the recovery rooms, she comes across and befriends a mysterious stranger named Roy, willing to tell her an epic adventure story - for a price. As the story unfolds Alexandria’s already active imagination takes flight, and gives us some of the most beautiful imagery that we have seen on film. But as the story progresses - so does the storytellers sadness. Alexandria must confront her storyteller in order to save the story she has grown to love.

First thing’s first, Alexandria is PERFECT, played by newcomer Catinca Untaru. Her every moment on screen is just as humorous and heartfelt as the one before it. What could have easily been an overacted children’s performance is an adorable and sincere girl that we can’t take our eyes off of. She gets some of the best laughs in the film, and your heart breaks for her as the story reaches it’s climax.

Learning to Shred

Not exactly Pink Floyd, but it will have to do. I am learning guitar, for many reasons, really, but I am learning none-the-less. i am going to blog about it here.

new cocoon dj set...

woohoo! more drunken electro house for your dancing pleasure. play loud or not at all...

01. all about house music
02. eat me
03. slip and slide
04. evil tribe
05. put the record back on
06. let's take drugs
07. bleep
08. blitzkrieg
09. chopper
10. alone with you
11. streetgirls
12. shingaling
13. believe
14. put your hands up for detroit
15. i am not drunk

D&D Song Anyone?

On Porn

From the "OMGWTF" files of my life:

My day job is in apartment property management and, yes, it sucks. Please be kind to your leasing agent or property manager, because they are hated in the eyes of God. No sense in piling on.

Anyway, we recently had a round of evictions at my property for residents that had gone two or more months without paying rent, and one of the apartments featured a real batch of winners. College-age, scruffy faced, tattered hat, poker-table-as-coffee-table, empty beer bottle collection guys. Guys that get arrested by the marshal performing the eviction because they had enough weed to stuff a pillow. Those kinds of guys.

After the eviction, my manager and I entered the apartment for the final inspection. Beyond the general filth and stickiness inside the apartment, another key feature jumped up and got my attention. A thick, sedimentary layer of porn. Pornography. Teh pr0n. I can’t properly do justice in print to the insane amount of fake 2-D boobs and ass that leered at me from every wall, closet, and square inch of floor space in the apartment. These guys had a sickness for it.

While I’m processing the staggering cost of this abandoned collection, a thought crossed my mind. In the upcoming $1000 Feature Film, there’s a specific scene involving (EDITOR’S NOTE: CLASSIFIED), and the walls inside that location are supposed to be covered in this exact, trashy style of porn. If I managed to heist some of this stuff, then we wouldn’t have to spend money to buy it – obviously a big plus.

Thus hatched the Great Georgia Porn Liberation of ’08.

The Uncanny Valley VoiceMail Hotline

We at the Uncanny Valley are proud to present to you the voicemail hotline.

want to ask us a question?
need to voice your opinion?
want to be heard on the internets?
want to solicit andy for casual honey buns?

call 678-459-2942 to do all of this...and so much more...

how to automatically get your dosage of the digitribe podcast network...

if you want to automatically receive the uncanny valley in itunes and your ipod, goto advanced in itunes, clcik on subscribe to podcast, and put this in there

if you'd like live from the cocoon put this in there

this is the same with any other podcatcher...

the uncanny valley

looking at the dl numbers on the uncanny valley podcast. we're hitting some decent numbers lately, i like it when i know that someone is listening, especially with all of the hard work we've been doing to that podcast. thanks all...

come on...

only 3 plays? you can do better than that...

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