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Edge Of The World ... Part IV

*** Normally my "Edge Of The World" posts happen to be social commentary on relationships and men and women. There are no direct references to my life, just basic opinions on the matter. But I suppose this is just a story that needs to be told. In the long run I guess this is social commentary, just specifically about you know who. ***

Somewhere in my strange existence thus far, I had yet to experience something that was "a right of passage" for most young men - that is to say until recently. When I told my friends and even certain family members that I was the ripe old age of twenty-five and had yet to enter a strip club, jaws dropped and sympathy was given. Apparently I give off a serious strip club vibe. I was told that this is something that people do when they are twenty-one (and some even eighteen.) Weirdly enough I never seemed to find the attraction. It was something I suppose I could have done, but never found the urge to do. Somewhere in my junior adulthood I was supposed to encounter a friends birthday or bachelor party that would end with me wasting away a stack of ones in a questionable joint with an equally questionable name. This event happened to find me years later - on just a regular Sunday night.

(The story that you are about to read is rather disastrous/hilarious if I don’t mind saying so myself. It is a little vulgar at times and quite Not Safe For Work - but I surely do hope that if you are reading this at work you aren’t doing it aloud.)

i think i am giving in...

because i really want a korg kaossilator...

it's weird, amazon is out, guitar center is out, musician's friend is out, ebay has 1, the only other place i see them is on

if you don't know what i am talking about, check out my previous blog entry.

it was a blast

my gig in nashville went off without a hitch last night. amazing time. will post a bit of video later and you guys may even get a snippet of the set...

New Instructables: Decapitation Effect

Found this great how-to on, how to pull off a Decapitation Effect in your film.

There comes a time in every filmmaker's life when he needs to lop off a head. When I was a kid, I'd cut the camera and replace heads with basketballs, but this is Erik Beck from Indy Mogul we're taking out, so you know things are going to get messy. Cuddle up close to your styrofoam heads, jugs of fake blood, and stunt dummies, and enjoy. You'll need the effects from our Limb Tear, Fake Heads, Blood Shooterand episodes to do this one.

Check out the Video!

Saving the Day finishes up filming


March 1st. My first film is up for principal photography on the 1st. You know, and I joked with my EP that we would finish up exactly on the Comic-Con deadline.

World's a funny place.

I should probably make a thread, per Jason's telling me to.

only a week and it feels forever

sorry everyone about no vault friday. dealing with some personal issues so life is booked. be on the lookout though, i am posting this month's LftC a little early.

01. off and gone - decaying orbit
02. cevin key - bird
03. download - sorcear
04. phil western - the sign (existing out of body)
05. plateau - bubba
06. cevin key - meteorite / doubting thomas - love somebody
07. plateau - dutch flowers (extended remix)
08. phil western - pontiac pigeon
09. download - uhm
10. cevin key - bob's shadow
11. kone - mound
12. doubting thomas - turn a new leaf
13. plateau - crypto
14. phil western - stalker
15. download - bell ringoor
16. doubting thomas - thc
17. cevin key - daytrip
18. phil western - ja bay
19. zz bot - mackdaddy
20. phil western - kent the fly
21. download - attalal (biosphere remix)
22. download - eruption
23. plateau - the kind
24. phil western - getting old

Second Skin

Second Skin takes an intimate look at computer gamers whose lives have been transformed by the emerging genre of Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs). World of Warcraft, Second Life, and Everquest allow millions of users to simultaneously interact in virtual spaces. Second Skin introduces us to couples who have fallen in love without meeting, disabled players who have found new purpose, addicts, Chinese gold-farming sweatshop workers, wealthy online entrepreneurs and legendary guild leaders - all living in a world that doesn’t quite exist. See more at

In the Morning of God

Loved the music and the video effects. A visual and melodic entrancement. More.... More....

An ignorance of means may minister to greatness, but an ignorance of aims make it impossible to be great at all.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

widespread appeal of "wii-like" musical instruments

Someone just pointed out to me that thinkgeek is selling the kaossilator, a small 199 dollar synthesizer with only a couple of knobs, and a touchpad. Don't get me wrong, this thing is cool, way cool.

But i do see it as a mix of instrument, and toy...and i am fine with that.

These sort of devices have been brewing in the distance for some time now, with mostly tinkerers and DIY'ers creating these odd little instruments to take with them to shows to amaze, or simply get one thing done very quickly in a way that is still artistic enough (as to not be a tape loop or cd playing in the background.

Then came the monome, and that sort of changed the game. It was a pretty box consisting of nothing but white buttons with red LEDs in them. It did not do anything on it's own however and the greatest link it has to toy instruments is it's ease of use. After programming it to do whatever it is that you needed it to do (sequence, sample, loop, look pretty) it was quite handy as an instrument to call up loops and beats, create keyboard cascades without having to interact with the laptop (this is in the burgeoning field of "laptop musician")

The laptop is functional, but let's be honest. It took the sexy out of music. There's no Fender or Flying V appeal here, just some dude looking at a screen. It appeals to scientists and people who adore scientists, but no one else.

The monome has clean lines, brings in that attractiveness that apple computers enjoy, and is very pretty to look at. It brings the form back to the function, while being extremely functional itself.

Storyboards & Strategy

When the new Digisite launched I knew I wanted to dedicate my blog here as an outlet to discuss and share what I do for any given project I happen to be assisting with at the time. With the recent release of The Statement of Randolph Carter, I decided it was time to detail a little bit of what my responsibilities were for the project, what I learned, how I overcame, and how this will apply to future projects. As the film credits will reveal, not only was I one of the Production Assistants, I also accepted the task of Storyboarding. As a PA, all I really did was assist in digging a hole and clearing a path through some woods so I figured it'd be best to focus this entry on the more interesting/unique of the two tasks.

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