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prepping for the next cocoon...

i think this month i am going to either be doing a noisebeat set (download, plateau, speedy j, that sort of thing) or i will be doing an intelligent techno set.

some very cool surprises will be in store in the next couple of months as i am going to be doing a special live gig in nashville for one of the southeast's premier hair salons (ooh, fancy!) and since this gig is going to be so special, i'm going to try to record it for you all.

also in the next few months i plan on doing a couple non-beat oriented cocoons with some very special guests in the house.

sit tight, 2008 is looking good!

vault friday...

sorry guys, i had personal stuff to attend to all weekend so there was no vault friday this past week. we scouted out a place to have the wedding and such, and so this weekend was just too demanding.

i will make sure to get something out to you this weekend though.


is it lame that i am excited to be #3 on the list of highest digipoints?

yes, yes it is...

studio sale


hey guys just a heads up, i am selling my turntables if anyone here is interested in them. i've taken great care of them and they have only left the house a handful of times, and have never been around smoke. for reference they are numark cdx turntables. they have a full vinyl platter that you use to manipulate cds with. they read mp3s and audio cds. they are an amazing set of tables. the only reason i am selling them is because i have started to dj with a full computer setup, and would like to get a laptop to do that with.

if you look at ebay, you'll notice these go for between 400-600 bucks a piece. i am selling them for 300 bucks a piece. they will be going up on and ebay soon, but i wanted to give everyone a chance here first. if you are interested or know anyone that is, hit me up, and i will let you take a look at them, play with them, whatever.


old equipment, new equipment

m-audio firewire 410

so remember my post about the focusrite saffire firewire audio interface? well i couldn't get it to do crap. it's was just tanked. after much pressing my case, guitar center in fayetteville truly stepped up to the gate and let me exchange it for the m-audio firewire 410. it pretty much does the same thing, and so far it works like a champ. it definitely allowed me to use my voice to new heights for the short film we've been working on (see if you can figure out what is my voice in all of the sound effects, special effects, and score.)

i've been working on some personal things, and hope i can make a go of them as well, and one of them may even be featured on this weeks vault friday audio blog, but i am not sure about that one yet.

keep watching...

Die Brücke & Digitribe

Recently, I started getting the ambitious itch to literally create an art movement. I never really got into specifics, just the sudden urge to move and shake the current art foundations which I feel are drastically lacking in this day and age. While I feel our technology and our ideas are on the brink of something amazing, there's something else that just seems hollow about today, creatively and socially speaking. Essentially, we're due up for another Renaissance. There's also the dream of attempting to become a known artist before death, something that seems to elude the majority as history has proven thus far. So I figured what better way to attempt to accomplish this than with legions of like-minded folk at your side?

The Oscar-Nominated Norbit, and Other Curiosities

This morning, about 5:30 AM California time, this year's Oscar nominations hit the internet. This is a national holiday for me, and also a starting gun -- I have between rightnow and the date of the show to see as many as I can of the nominated films I'd previously missed.

As my title suggests, there are several odd bumps on this year's list, and the entire event is buried under a steaming pile of writer's strike rhetoric. It's going to be a strange year. But it's also probably the most solid year, top-to-bottom, since the mid 90's.

Here are my initial reactions to the nominations in various categories:

Best Picture: Aha! This is the first year I can remember where I've seen all five nominees by the day they're announced. Juno, There Will Be Blood, No Country For Old Men are all possibilities right now, but I think it's probably going to come down to Juno and No Country, as I think many Oscar voters will be turned off by the dour attitude of Blood. No Country might get knocked due to its violence, but The Departed won last year, so why not? Atonement is traditional Oscar bait (ala The English Patient) but it has a terrible third act and is generally overrated. Michael Clayton is the only one here that could come close to being a surprise. It won't win, but it really is a honor to be nominated this year in such a competitive season.

Modular Game Idea: the Post


The Post

Applicable To: Any massive multiplayer game with a setting that expects travel and communication between cities/population hubs to be potentially dangerous and slow (fantasy, post-apocalyptic, space, etc.). Eve may already do something similar, from what I've heard.

Strange new world

I have moved to a strange new land with my strange new wife, to start our strange new life. Far from all that is familiar, safe and comfortable.

My 2007 Top Ten (So-Named Because There Are Ten of Them)

This represents only my second shot at a true, annual Top Ten, and it’s a great deal more comprehensive than before. Of course, there were several dozen major films I missed in 2007, but I skipped fewer critical favorites than in ’06, when I fumbled to post my list before I’d seen my eventual numbers 1 and 2 (Pan’s Labyrinth and Children of Men.) This year, the list was not closed until I’d seen every film that I knew I would have to.

Naturally, this list -- or any paid critic’s Top Ten -- remains an arbitrary, mostly juvenile exercise. It’s illogical at best to declare one great film inherently better than another great film, as each is its own, unique country. But still, we film nerds persevere, giddily slaving away at our personalized bullet-point breakdowns. (Personalized, that is, but strangely identical. Rarely do you see a Top Thirty-Eight, or a Top Two. The base-10 counting system looms over us, snapping its whip, and denying us that lump of warmth-giving coal.) I think the reason we film whores are compelled to share our lists is the same as the mountain climber’s mantra – because it’s there. Or, more accurately, we’ve put a lot of work into watching these movies and, goddammit, someone is going to know about it.

Now, my list of the Top Ten Films of 2007:

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