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coming soon...

deep winter trance mix

01. Nenee & Pascal Feliz - Platinum
02. Sied Van Riel - Sigh
03. Terry Ferminal - Deep Inside (rework)
04. Stoneface & Terminal - Inner Voice (dub mix)
05. Cor Fijneman - Jaguar
06. Carlos - Alanda (Leon Bolier remix)
07. Fragma - Deeper (Duderstadt uplifting dub edit)
08. Amural vs. Static Blue - After the Sunrise (ALex Morph 2B2 Woody Van Eyden full on remix)
09. Cosmic Gate - Body of Conflict (cosmic gate club mix)
10. The Blizzard - Kolopasia
11. First State Featuring Anita Kelsey - Falling (extended mix)
12. Simon Patterson - Bulldozzer
13. The Sirius - Dreams Signs & Orbits
14. Markus Schulz - Fly to Colors (genetix remix)


so i know, i missed the vault friday. i've been fighting with the focusrite saffire and i am just about to give up (see my previous blog entry)

but hey, i promise i will do a valut friday this you get two!

The Karma Contract


These rules are intended to be used for non-contact LARPs, but might work alright, slightly modified, for tabletop as well. The intention is to create a game where players are rewarded for going along with others (as mentioned in this post) and are limited in their ability to purely impose their intentions on others without giving something back, no matter how high their stats. A secondary intention is to provide a rules set where players can resist actions (primarily social) that would negatively impact their character concept, at a price.

Criticisms and suggestions are appreciated.

Karma Contract

Each player at the LARP starts with 20 counters worth of Karma.

When players have a conflict, either player can choose to make an OFFER to settle the conflict.


We are working on completing the visual cut of out latest short, The Statement of Randolph Carter. Once that is done, it will be turned over to the Sound department to be scored and sound effects to achieve the delicate balance we are looking for.

Chattacon is coming up at the end of the month. I was unable to attend last year as it was my mother's 50th birthday, but I hope arrangement can be made so I will be there at least one day. It's always interesting to see what's out there and see how people react when we get screening time. Hopefully we will screen After while there - I have only ever seen it from behind the camera and on a computer, so I would be interested to see what it looks like on the big screen.

Andy should be finishing up with a new sript for us to work on soon. Looking forward to this project very much. It's intentions are to be the $1k feature, but we'll see ;p

We got the latest copy of our DV magazine and as I flipped through it, I noticed there was an article on influential female DP's in it. I haven't gotten a chance to yet, but intend to read it and maybe even do a write up for those who don't get a copy.

I wish I had more to talk about but until then, please keep checking out our new site and let us know how we're doing.


Your Mom is a Blog Entry

comic titles

i like the comic book style tags we've all developed for ourselves ;-)

maybe a new webcomic in the making?


Introduction & update

Hi all- New here, and figured I'd jump into DigiGoodness with my first blog entry. I haven't yet gotten really involved in any projects, but am looking forward to rectifying that in the near future.

For those who have kept us in your thoughts with Leo's hospitalization, thanks very much. He is recovering from his surgery like the champ he is, and is busy taking over the world (starting with his hospital room.) Not only was the surgeon able to do the fundoplication nissen without any problems, they diagnosed a severe hiatal hernia (his stomach was actually going up into his esophagus) and had to remove a significant amount of scar tissue from his esophagus and right lung, all indications that his reflux was far more serious than we ever thought. In doing a simple google search of these symptoms, the words cancer and lung disease come up over and over, so I can't help feeling very grateful that we have dodged a bullet here. Thanks to all who sent thoughts and prayers our way. I'm now looking forward to going home to the "Ashe-cave" (aka, "the warehouse," as it is currently filled to the brim with boxes and boxes of my junk, I have no choice but to admit, sigh.)

Hope to see you all soon.

the gear just keeps on flowing...

focusrite saffire

so i got even more gear the other day...thus finishing up the aforementioned gift card. this time i got a sweet firewire interface to record into the computer, 4 tracks at once. 4 tracks isn't alot, but it's all i need and this is portable, going from computer to computer, and all with no latency. for those of you not familiar with that term in these circumstances, musicians know about and deal with a certain lag in speed when it comes to audio interfaces. a key press or something recorded going into usb may take a millisecond or two to make it to the computer, thus creating a source of frustration like no other.

this doesn't have that latency.

also it can output 7.1 surround sound if i so desire, which i do. i just have to get that many speakers now ;-)

in other related news the cocoon is getting a mild upgrade soon as i will be moving into the room previously known as the theatre room. i just need the space. but this is good. i'll be able to hook up my drum kit and my kawai xd-5 head unit as well. live drumming ftw.

i should go to bed. see you guys later...

the next live from the cocoon session is coming up...

does anyone have any special requests of what type of show you'd like to hear? live from the cocoon comes out every month on the 15th (or around there) there is plenty of time...

Introduction and such

Just a short blurb to introduce myself. I'm Neal McClellan, I work for the United States Army as an Environmental Consultant. I am a long time supporter and hanger-on of Digitribe. I have been lucky enough to participate in two of their film projects and hope to be able to assist in the future.

I haven't been as involved with Digitribe projects over the last year as I would have liked to have been, but planning a wedding and buying a house tended to take up most of my "go somewhere and do stuff" time. I've tried to keep up with what's going on though and am excited about the 1KF. So here's to a new year, a new website, and awesome projects on the horizon!

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