JoeyTheMadScientist - MEST

7:13 minutes (16.53 MB)

demo of some new material

nothing comes - The door in the tower

4:32 minutes (8.31 MB)

nothing comes - Grey Area

5:00 minutes (9.16 MB)

another track from "nothing comes"

nothing comes - Kinesthetic

7:39 minutes (14.02 MB)

This is the first track from the new musical experiment, "nothing comes".

"nothing comes" is a musical collaboration of Jason Norred and Joseph Rhodes, and an experiment in ambient post-rock.

Joey the Mad Scientist - SCOTT GOES TO JAIL or "how not to call in sick"

1:07 minutes (723.9 KB)

yes this really happened. what you don't hear is how he called me all night saying he stabbed somebody, or got shot, or shot somebody. buddy ate a mushroom and freaked...

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 26

SmashCut (logo)

48:52 minutes (34.25 MB)

It's Summer movie time!!

Arcade or Die - Episode 02

Arcade or Die (logo)

65:47 minutes (35.06 MB)

are games art? we think so...
the ted talk
roger ebert's rebuttal
cracked takes a look
music brought to you by jet set radio...

got a comment? let us hear it...818-308-5550

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 25

SmashCut (logo)

42:00 minutes (28.85 MB)

joey and rich - rock the mic

2:02 minutes (2.81 MB)

ok to sum this up, this was a drunken dare. my roomate at the time didn't think he could rap, and we were drunk, so i dared him. this is the end with it. circa 2004...

Arcade or Die - Episode 01

Arcade or Die (logo)

73:20 minutes (40.6 MB)

No quarters necessary, here is all the games you can handle, and you don't even need to start playing with that joystick of yours. Unless you really want to! Tune in as we talk shop on upcoming releases, systems, developers, and all things games. Today we talk E3 and why we both want a ps3...Music brought to you by Mirror's Edge.

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