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Uncanny Valley - Episode 1

53:18 minutes (24.4 MB)

In mid-2007, Joey the Mad Scientist and I teamed up to try our hand at podcasting. After two episodes... we quit. I have no easy answers as to why, and who are you to judge us anyway? What, you've never quit anything? Sorry, Mr. Perfect, I didn't know you had an account here.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 2

57:27 minutes (26.3 MB)

Another early effort from Andrew and JMS. Fun times and DOA: Dead or Alive.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 3

64:22 minutes (26.4 MB)

The newest edition of the Uncanny Valley podcast, featuring 100% more Joey the Mad Scientist and a light sprinkling of Shug White. Topics include Cloverfield, Grindhouse, the 2007 Top Ten, and Kate and Leopold... really.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 4

60:38 minutes (24.76 MB)

In this edition: Rambo, James Bond, a visit from The Patron Saint of Product Loyalty, and The Mad Scientist tosses me a few random topics to rant on.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 5

51:16 minutes (20.95 MB)

In this week's episode -- The Oscars, the writer's strike, the definition of "dipthong", the SeaQuest Curse, and the possible (please) end of Paris Hilton's movie career.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 5.1

60:39 minutes (23.39 MB)

It's Oscar Night, 2k8!! And what better way for the Uncanny Valley to celebrate the evening than to podcast that bitch into oblivion. Joey the Mad Scientist cuts a three hour ramble into a lean hour of stream-of-consciousness conversation, while I gradually descend into a drunken, insane state. A gush-fest about Once, jokes about Nicholson, Erik's obsession with Gladiator, Jason defines foreign films and liberal Hollywood, plus 80 Years of Your Mom.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 6

51:46 minutes (21.2 MB)

The Uncanny Valley goes topical! Joey and I discuss The Signal, the Oscars, and the problem with the state of entertainment today. Plus, a Raylette stops by to chat.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 7

55:07 minutes (22.36 MB)

Spring Break! Erik (The PSofPL) returns to dispense wisdom on the best baseball movies ever made, plus movie-to-theme-park-ride comparisons. Also, Andrew shares a tender story of booze, strippers, and the movie Jumper.

bLacklUng - Elan DJ set

79:58 minutes (73.22 MB)

this set is the first 80 minutes of my live appearance at the grand opening of elan salon and studios in Germantown (Nashville) Tennessee. house and techno with a few sprinkles thrown in for flavor. a bit of older tracks but it makes for a good set...

01. daft punk - make love
02. workidz - work it
03. white label - down on love (the cube guys edit)
04. axwell angelo ingrosso laid back luke, get dumb
05. claude vonstroke - chimps (claude vonstroke mix)
06. david tort and dj ruff meets disciple - changes (ny sexy mix)
07. camille jones vs fedde le grand - the creeps (vandalism remix)
08. beatfreakz - somebody's watching me (dennis christopher remix)
09. the modern deep left quartet - straight whiskey
10. skinny puppy - chainsaw (josh wink remix)
11. mark knight - drug music
12. afro medusa - pasilda (knee deep mix)
13. ian pooley featuring esthero - balmes (pooley's new vocal mix)
14. greenskeepers - polo club part 1 (tommie sunshine remix)
15. john dahlbaeck - blink
16. andy caldwell - warrior 2 (chuck love's bangers mashed mix)
17. broncko - future music (glenn's future mix)
18. el carlitto - where is the party

Uncanny Valley - Episode 8

60:57 minutes (24.46 MB)

Andrew and the Mad Scientist discuss nudity equality at the movies, diss the thinking behind the new Indiana Jones, rave and yawn over European classics, and enjoy a little taste of the lightning round.

fs8gbe - The Bonus Round - Sunny Days

72:34 minutes (49.83 MB)

you guys get lucky because this month i am feeling generous. you get the bonus round! this is a set done entirely with the korg kaossilator.

if you look through my blog you will see my notes on this little yellow guy. now omn to the technical details...

everything is done on the kaossilator. i did not use any samples or any other devices or sound making things of any kind. this is 100% kaossilator. all of the songs were recorded live, and on the fly. so what you are hearing is the actual song making process in action. now i did use a tiny bit of studio trickery in so much that i blended the songs together to make a continuous soundtrack.

keep in mind that while i adore this box, it does have its limitations, and i still view it as a toy. that being said this isn't an oh my god what the fuck barbeque session. but it was fun and i figured, why not.

since this isn't your standard style set, i did encode in 96kbps, so if that bugs you let me know, and i will give you the url to the high quality version.

with that i give you - Live From The Cocoon - Bonus Round - Sunny Days

Uncanny Valley - Episode 9

61:24 minutes (24.47 MB)

Erik the PSoPL joins up for a full show, discussing summer movies Speed Racer, Prince Caspian, and (of course) Iron Man. The $1,000 Feature! Rambo! Technical glitches! Plus, the Mad Scientist confesses his secret passion.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 10

69:30 minutes (27.48 MB)

The Uncanny Valley unknowingly celebrates its tenth episode with special guest Justin Morgan (Geekin'). We debate the careers of Spielberg and Lucas, go in search of a girl-powered blockbuster, poke fun at Indiana Jones, and try to figure out which '80s TV kid had that disease that made them short...

Uncanny Valley - Episode 10.5

26:03 minutes (9.9 MB)

Want to know what happens when Joey and Andy decide to podcast drunk at Joey's bachelor/birthday party?

Oh. Well, click it anyway. In here, you'll find talk on some of the recent summer blockbusters... um... Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, I think... and some other stuff I can't remember from the booze haze.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 11

69:24 minutes (27.69 MB)

Andy and Joey disclose their Top Five favorite films, plus discussions on James Cameron, Hancock, Pixar, and some Yor, Hunter From the Future love.

bLacklUng - dark primitive 81208

64:42 minutes (62.64 MB)

Axiom, Dementia - Continuum
Dieselboy - o.d.
Axis Trank - The Scent
Evol Intent - Unexplained Sounds (feat. Demo)
Dieselboy - Machine March
Dope Ammo - Roots Future (Nicol Majistrate remix)
Mindscape, Bulletproof, Tiki - Dark Times
Psidream, Axiom, Otpiv - Break in
Evol Intent - 8 Bit Bitch (feat. Ewun)
Dieselboy - Rail Gun
Bulletproof, Teknik - Visions
Hallucinator - Heretic
Gridlock, Bulletproof - Dark Times Desperate Measure (feat. MC Dino)
Spor - Breathe In Scream Out
Bulletproof - 3Way

bLacklUng - more cowbell

57:44 minutes (72.23 MB)

some more stellar drum and bass this time, with more cowbell...

01 - Future Prophecies - Boomerang
02 - Gridlok - The Media is a Joke
03 - John B - Dancing in the Dark
04 - Counterstrike - Never Enough Featuring Soma
05 - DJ Pleasure - In the Dark (VIP Mix)
06 - Silent Witness & Break - Visions of the Future
07 - Erb n Dub - Running
08 - Future Signal - Assassin
09 - Sleeper Cell & Masheen - Jet Lag
10 - Silent Witness - TimeChaser
11 - DJ Norm - Killer Boom
12 - Break - Groundwork (2007)
13 - Random Movement - Lesson & Aftermath
14 - Silent Witness & Break - Module
15 - Gridlok & Origin - Snap the Whip

bLacklUng - this is the cocoon

78:46 minutes (108.93 MB)

tech trance, epic trance, progressive, it's all here...

01. JOOP - 3008 (SHOKK rmx)
02. Adam Szabo - Altra Danilo (Ercole Tech mix)
03. Sunlounger, Zara - Lost (Dance version)
04. Sam Sharp - InDeep
05. John Marks - Do it Again (Ron Van Beuken rmx)
06. Boric - Chosen 1
07. Distorted - Spellbound feat Witaz (Jon Guard rmx)
08. Timofey, Bartosz Brenes - Skorogovorka
09. Jurrane, Sly One - Second Summer (Dark mix)
10. Yoshi, Future - DAWN
11. Marcus Schossow - Girls Suckcess
12. Charly H Fox - THe Countdown
13. Zoo Brazil - The Age of Love
14. Dennis Sheperd - Run Away (Alucard rmx)
15. Tritonal - Lights Over Auston

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 12

68:23 minutes (46.96 MB)

The Uncanny Valley podcast returns as SmashCut, an all-new, all-better, not-very-different show. This week, we discuss our long absence, Michael Bay's latest basket of explosions and nonsense, and the best and worst (so far) of 2009.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 13

52:41 minutes (36.18 MB)

This week, we celebrate some cinematic bad-asses, from the tommy gun maniacs in Michael Mann's Public Enemies to the quintessential Man With No Name (or Three Men With Three Different Names.)

*NOTE*: This episode contains music from merge recording artist She and Him. Our only intent is to promote this artist in the context that it is movie related (one of the members is a movie starlet.) To discourage piracy we have kept the file at a measly 96kbps (and in mono I might add) which would hardly be worth your while to keep as an original. We do not own any of the rights to this song. If you enjoyed the song, please run to your local independent record shop and buy this album immediately. It will be worth your while.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 14

66:24 minutes (45.6 MB)

On this week's show, we discuss the latest Harry Potter offering and Andrew rants about where the series has gone right, and where it has gone very wrong. Plus, favorite film franchises, City by the Sea, and the fine art of Brucesploitation.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 15

60:08 minutes (41.5 MB)

On this week's show, Andrew provides sage parenting advice for new Dad, Joey. Plus, a discussion on the passing of John Hughes, Repo! The Genetic Opera, G.I. Joe, and the upcoming District 9.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 16

60:05 minutes (41.47 MB)

On this week's show, Andrew nitpicks the summer's critical darling, the blockbuster District 9, and unleashes an undisputed movie truth. Plus Blacula, Uwe Boll, and the week's new releases.
***Spoilers (District 9) 0:28:00 - 0:39:00***

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 17

60:39 minutes (41.86 MB)

This week: Andrew's love letter to Tarantino's love letter to the movies, Inglourious Basterds. Plus, a summer movie roundup, Paul Blart, and a look at the nerd rage surrounding the Avatar trailer.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 18

SmashCut (logo)

53:22 minutes (21.57 MB)


SmashCut Podcast - Episode 19

SmashCut (logo)

46:52 minutes (32.39 MB)

Avatar - going back for seconds. Plus, what's this bond thing all about anyway?

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 22

SmashCut (logo)

56:33 minutes (38.84 MB)

Andrew and Joey talk about their favorite movies of 2009, plus low-budget horror, Roger Ebert's voice, and a touch of Heavy Rain.

This week's music brought to you by Inglorious Basterds.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 23

SmashCut (logo)

54:11 minutes (37.21 MB)

**DISCLAIMER** this was supposed to be out before the oscars, and i completely dropped the ball on this one. all apologies. but, it's still a hell of a show and you can tune in to find out if andy's predictions about the oscars were accurate :-)

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 24

SmashCut (logo)

60:18 minutes (41.41 MB)

We prepare for our Spring break by giving out final thoughts on the Oscars. The victory of The Hurt Locker, the Razzie of Sandra Bullock, and the secret sexism behind Kathryn Bigelow's groundbreaking win. Plus the latest news on Captain America, Twilight, and other movies that really matter.

joey the mad scientist - music junkie - monday maker

64:35 minutes (44.35 MB)

a nice set to put you in the right mood. smooth without being sleepy, happy without being chipper. this is half-caff my friends...

**all songs listed are here as promotion and as such no infringement is meant.

animal collective - my girls
the pharcyde - runnin (rae and christian remix)
mc solaar - galaktika
pinback - this red book
unkle - hold my hand
morcheeba - the sea
esthero - superheroes
zero 7 - destiny (simian remix)
royksopp - beautiful day without you
beastie boys - flute loop
a tribe called quest - electric relaxation
nuyorican soul - i am the black gold of the sun
massive attack - black milk
m83 - moonchild
grand nationals - drink to moving on

Arcade or Die - Episode 01

Arcade or Die (logo)

73:20 minutes (40.6 MB)

No quarters necessary, here is all the games you can handle, and you don't even need to start playing with that joystick of yours. Unless you really want to! Tune in as we talk shop on upcoming releases, systems, developers, and all things games. Today we talk E3 and why we both want a ps3...Music brought to you by Mirror's Edge.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 25

SmashCut (logo)

42:00 minutes (28.85 MB)

Arcade or Die - Episode 02

Arcade or Die (logo)

65:47 minutes (35.06 MB)

are games art? we think so...
the ted talk
roger ebert's rebuttal
cracked takes a look
music brought to you by jet set radio...

got a comment? let us hear it...818-308-5550

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 26

SmashCut (logo)

48:52 minutes (34.25 MB)

It's Summer movie time!!

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