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After my expedition to siberia, some may call it an exile...

I was briefly seen in the Canadian theatre in the musical adaptation of Sasquatch, but after roaming with wolves I have returned to civilization to start on another new life, since the last one didn't work out too well. I look forward to seeing my old friends,aquaintances, and accociates.

Fumbling towards Faith

Pardon the ridiculous number of sentence fragments and all manner of grammatical butchery that will soon follow. I write like I talk, in fragments and images that don’t always make sense to the reader. The first few paragraphs I wrote after a particularly painful experience that occurred not too long ago, one that left me scarred and uncertain about my future. It’s still too painful and fresh to explore in detail, but you should understand its impact and not necessarily its cause. The second half is from a letter to a friend in response to his own existential quandary. His experience is similar to mine in effect, but again, different in cause. I just find it interesting that we go back to our roots in such times of need and affirmation. I still don’t see myself as the man I want to be. I hate being a hero to everyone in my life, but feeling that I fall short when it comes to the ones who matter the most. I develop impactful relationships that are short term, but the ones that are everlasting I neglect. My how things are about to change…again. Funny how you find yourself in this position…again.

Strange new world

I have moved to a strange new land with my strange new wife, to start our strange new life. Far from all that is familiar, safe and comfortable.

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