fs8gbe - ocean

so i want to sort of add to the track that i posted today, and i want to do this with the next few tracks i post. we'll call it "vault friday" ok? great...

i was on the beach, my aunt rents a beach house every year and i have a standing invitation to hang out for a night or two. i wasn't overly intoxicated, but a good buzz had washed over my brain. the moon was out, and the waves were just beautiful. it just felt like a good time to noodle around.

i had a loooong extension cord, a minidisc recorder, and a korg prophecy keyboard. little monophonic guy with cool little buttons and ribbons and knobs to tweak. i just settled in on this meandering arpeggio and played around for a while, until it had sort of washed into noise. at that point i lowered the tempo and made this sort of floating pink floyd phrase.

fast forward a couple years, and i find this minidisc. as soon as i listened to it it all came rushing back to me. so i decided to create a song out of it. i wanted to make a track that sort of buckled you in for a ride, as i often like to do, so i added some looping phrases that with each passing would change ever so slightly, so you wouldn't even notice unless you were paying attention. i even took a conversation i was having with my sister and turned it into a beat, and you can hear that periodically throughout the song.

i think what i like most about the song besides the personal aspects of it are how a phrase can continue to move, and change, and develop, until it actually made the format of the song change from one of an upbeat nature to that of a downtempo trippy sort of dirge.

what do you like about it?


I really enjoyed this man.

I really enjoyed this man. Like I said in your blog, I really enjoy getting to see these glimpses behind your creative process. I really enjoyed listening to this through, hearing it change and flow, especially the changes in the latter half of the sixth minute. Great stuff.

John Kazuo Morehead | Fri, 01/04/2008 - 17:54

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