fs8gbe - summer of the dragon

so this edition of vault "friday" feels a bit like cheating, but hey, you get two this week.

i had a dream one time, and for some reason i remembered it in great detail. i actually woke up and did the thing you always read about, i wrote it down first thing while it was fresh. here, is my dream entry for that day...

"me and the lady were watching the world as it was. we were at the desert. it was very bright and golden. thousands of primitives stood around as if in a trance. there was a dog there. the lady took the dog and sowed and stitched it into the ground and it grew large and sprouted wings. it took forever to depart from the ground and indeed it looked as if it was in great pain writhing around. when it rose it flew into the sky. she said to me "this was the first year the dragon was seen."

this is my interpretation of that dream. if this song were an object, it would be symmetrical in many ways. but the point is that if you listen, you will hear a different song coming out of it than going into it. but you have to listen. it's one of the many secrets this song holds. it's a pretty simple song too. i layered some strings on top of each other and time stretched them out pretty far. i took a fairly simple house lock and pushed about 5 or 6 percussion loops underneath. the vocal sample is from thx1138. the last bit to this song is various sounds from one of my first keyboards, the kawai k4. enjoy.

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