fs8gbe - space (not mine)

so for this edition of vault friday i figured i would pull out a track a few of you have heard, some haven't. it's old, the 3rd or 4th "fs8gbe" song created. so this dates it at about 2000,2001. nothing really too deep about it's meaning (other than the title references some crap i was going through at the time), it's inspired by sci-fi, old school space rail shooter video game i had for the sega cd. i wrote something that i would want to hear while playing that game. in fact, if you own an xbox 360 and have grabbed a copy of every extend extra on xbla, you can import songs into that game. i highly recommend that you import this song into that game and play, it really really complements the gameplay.

what i like about this song is the driving ability it has, it just keeps you going. what do you like?

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