Uncanny Valley - Episode 5.1

It's Oscar Night, 2k8!! And what better way for the Uncanny Valley to celebrate the evening than to podcast that bitch into oblivion. Joey the Mad Scientist cuts a three hour ramble into a lean hour of stream-of-consciousness conversation, while I gradually descend into a drunken, insane state. A gush-fest about Once, jokes about Nicholson, Erik's obsession with Gladiator, Jason defines foreign films and liberal Hollywood, plus 80 Years of Your Mom.


Wow, I can't say enough how

Wow, I can't say enough how great a job you did cutting this down, JMS. Not even quite sure how you did it. The best I can tell, you cut every single time I took a breath.


Andrew Kemp | Wed, 02/27/2008 - 00:52

Wow Indeed

Thanks for making this available so fast, JMS. Can't wait to load this up during my road trip tomorrow.

Erik Ellickson | Wed, 02/27/2008 - 09:48

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