fs8gbe - The Bonus Round - Sunny Days

you guys get lucky because this month i am feeling generous. you get the bonus round! this is a set done entirely with the korg kaossilator.

if you look through my blog you will see my notes on this little yellow guy. now omn to the technical details...

everything is done on the kaossilator. i did not use any samples or any other devices or sound making things of any kind. this is 100% kaossilator. all of the songs were recorded live, and on the fly. so what you are hearing is the actual song making process in action. now i did use a tiny bit of studio trickery in so much that i blended the songs together to make a continuous soundtrack.

keep in mind that while i adore this box, it does have its limitations, and i still view it as a toy. that being said this isn't an oh my god what the fuck barbeque session. but it was fun and i figured, why not.

since this isn't your standard style set, i did encode in 96kbps, so if that bugs you let me know, and i will give you the url to the high quality version.

with that i give you - Live From The Cocoon - Bonus Round - Sunny Days

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