Uncanny Valley - Episode 11

Andy and Joey disclose their Top Five favorite films, plus discussions on James Cameron, Hancock, Pixar, and some Yor, Hunter From the Future love.


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~ Trish
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Those who create, heal - Sir Ben Kingsley

Trish Rhodes | Mon, 07/14/2008 - 07:21

~ Trish Digitribe

~ Trish
Digitribe Developer

Those who create, heal - Sir Ben Kingsley

Trish Rhodes | Mon, 07/14/2008 - 08:14

Come on...you have a

Come on...you have a conversation involving Lance and Bill and never even once mention Near Dark? That hurts me to my heart.

I wish I possessed Photoshop or some sort of knock-off version. I have a vision of Bob the Piranha as a Piranha man in a business suit, who goes into the office everyday and somehow he always suffers a calamitous accident on the way home.

Neal McClellan
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Neal McClellan | Wed, 07/16/2008 - 05:25


you should just draw it ;-)


Joseph Rhodes | Wed, 07/16/2008 - 08:14

I Wanna Play - My Top 5:

5.) Wall•E: Make fun of me all you want. I love robots. There is something to be said about a Pixar movie that is based on Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. It was really astonishing to me that there was a point in this theatre where I was under the impression the characters were just so adorable it was giving me chills. It wasn't until we continued on the journey that I was astonished that it wasn't just cutsey adoration but an actual connection with this lonely tramp. I wanted the best of this for this robot. And weirdly enough a political message that didn't make me feel the way I felt at the end of "Happy Feet," But still was enough to make me think.

4.) 12 Monkeys: Science fiction is a tough egg to crack, and startlingly enough it's one of my favorite genres when done right. I prefer my science fiction to feel a bit realistic. And this movie since I first saw it when I was in middle school has always made me feel just at a loss for words. There are references to just about everything from Hitchcock to Christ himself. The cast with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt is amazing. The directing by Terry Gilliam is both haunting and surreal. No one does crazy people like Gilliam. And it's a time travel/post apocalyptic warning film. Just fantastic.

3.) Chungking Express: This is one of those weird movies that quite literally everyone can relate to. Wong Kar-Wai made a movie that is entirely about pining. Without a doubt and without question being desperate for love in a modern landscape. Instead of making a silly and goofy comedy about pining and the true meaning of love, this guy made a movie about two cops and the women they fall in love with on the streets of Hong Kong. Thats it. The movie is moving art - and fluid character studies. He just lets these people function in front of you - capturing emotion. WKW is known to not really use a script - and it's evident in this movie, but the dialogue isn't what makes it striking. It's the complete picture. And i'll never listen to "California Dreamin" the same way again.

2.) Lost In Translation: There has yet to be a movie that has come out that I have been this emotionally connected to. I'm not even really sure why. I recall seeing this movie at Landmark Midtown Art by myself with a bucket of popcorn and a beer. Later that night, I grabbed my girlfriend at the time and we saw it again with a friend, later on down the line we grabbed Andy "Uncanny Valley" Kemp himself (the quantum of my solace) and saw it again. Bill Murray is amazingly funny in a subtle way. What makes him wonderful and this film wonderful is that you feel for them. You feel for it. You feel for being alone in a strange place. And in the end - despite what they went through. You wouldn't mind feeling lost.

1.) Rear Window: Not only my favorite movie of all time but also in my opinion the BEST movie of all time. Screw "Psycho" and "Vertigo" (just for sake of argument - I absolutely adore those films) this was Hitchcock's Masterpiece. This was an unstoppably beautiful film. Jimmy Stewart playing kind of an asshole who kinda sorta witnesses a murder clean up. The most beautiful woman to have ever lived (Grace Kelly) helping him solve the mystery. An unbelievable set design. And just all around clever. Not to mention this film produces on of the most uncomfortable scenes ever put on film in my opinion. What do you do if you see a loved one in complete danger and can do absolutely nothing about it?

But thats just me ... so fuck you.

MorganWasAPussy | Fri, 07/18/2008 - 18:51

My 5

I work my Top 5 a little differently, as I'd feel cheated if I slid in more than one movie of any particular genre. So I work out the genres how I see fit and then the top spots in each genre are then the overall Top 5. With that in mind, I present my current Top 5 of All Time.

5. Spaceballs (Comedy) - The first "serious/adult/thinking" comedy I ever remember seeing as a kid, past the point when cartoons started getting repetitive and dull. This movie introduced me to the parody art form at large, Mel Brooks, and sharp witted comedy in the broader scope. So it's like the "gateway drug" for what I know and love about comedies today. I still manage to laugh at all the right moments and it helps that it mocks my favorite Science Fiction Film Saga. Plus, I can recite the entire movie unassisted from start to finish... which is creepy but proof that it has to be in my Top 5 somewhere.

4. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Fantasy) - The third act has so much at stake when all the final battles are finally fought and the longest journey on foot comes to an emotional close. I was moved in many ways by this one, riveted during the massive combats, tear jerked by the larger races bowing to the Hobbits, and I was probably the only one on Earth wanting more than seventeen fade-in/fade-out endings. Although you cannot and should not separate this Trilogy, I'd have to choose King if I was being held at gun point.

3. Total Recall (Action) - We all know my hero so it'd be retarded if I didn't have a movie of his in the Top 5 somewhere. The choice was easy after dissecting all 25 of Arnie's Starring Role features with Total Recall sitting atop that particular list. Considering the more "dumbed down" projects of his later years, Total Recall is the thinking man's action movie. But based solely on the action genre itself, Total Recall really set the bar in practicle visual effects that still somewhat hold up even today.

2. Memento (Thriller) - As Spaceballs was my gateway to Comedy, Memento introduced me to my current Directorial God, Christopher Nolan. This one in particular is still perhaps the single most clever film I have ever laid eyes on. I manage to catch a few tidbits here and there that I never caught on with previous viewings. Plus, how can anyone argue against the unique script and the unique story structure? From Frame One you know you're in for one hell of a ride and it usually takes most movies until the halfway point to make or break a viewer.

1. Gladiator (Drama) - This one has it all, the complete package for a compelling story of betrayal and redemption. How one man suddenly has everything taken away from him and struggling to find purpose (albeit briefly). Not to mention all the politicking, fighting, and scheming going on at the same time. Many can argue Gladiator is many other things at heart but I believe the dramatic aspects of the character, story, and direction really make this shine above the rest. To me, this movie is impossible to classify one-dimensionally and that is why it is still the best I have seen.

"Why am I wasting time with a dimestore putz like you when I could be doing something much more dangerous, like rearranging my sock drawers?"

Erik Ellickson | Tue, 08/05/2008 - 17:13

Another great show

I guess I'm one of the five that listens, but I truly enjoy. I miss you guys. Oh and by the way, I actually aranged a private, 2 am screening for my employees before opening night, to see the Dark Night. All 12 of us had a blast, and it was free. Yeah, I have the hookup in this hick town.

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Rob | Tue, 08/05/2008 - 11:32

we'll be back soon enough...

infact if i can get it done real soon, there will be a very "on the set" edition of the uncanny valley.


Joseph Rhodes | Tue, 08/05/2008 - 12:29

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