bLacklUng - dark primitive 81208


Axiom, Dementia - Continuum
Dieselboy - o.d.
Axis Trank - The Scent
Evol Intent - Unexplained Sounds (feat. Demo)
Dieselboy - Machine March
Dope Ammo - Roots Future (Nicol Majistrate remix)
Mindscape, Bulletproof, Tiki - Dark Times
Psidream, Axiom, Otpiv - Break in
Evol Intent - 8 Bit Bitch (feat. Ewun)
Dieselboy - Rail Gun
Bulletproof, Teknik - Visions
Hallucinator - Heretic
Gridlock, Bulletproof - Dark Times Desperate Measure (feat. MC Dino)
Spor - Breathe In Scream Out
Bulletproof - 3Way


I love the mix. I have

I love the mix. I have listened to it twice now and will listen to it some more. Great work. Bring me more dark primitive.

Christopher M | Thu, 08/14/2008 - 19:45


thanks man. it's been too long since i spun deep dark drum and bass.

to be perfectly honest your ad kind of inspired me. i have been cooking up a dnb set for some time, but i realized i wanted something primal, yet futuristic. something befitting of a dusty tape you might find in the back of some dusty abandoned muscle car a few ten or fifteen years after a nuclear bomb has gone off...

spread it around north cackalacky for me...


Joseph Rhodes | Fri, 08/15/2008 - 08:23

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