getting back on track

it feels good to get back on track. for the holidays i let myself spiral out of the contracts and schedules i had set for myself. that's ok, everyone needs some breathing room (especially when creativity is at hand) as not to burn out. sometimes though, it's hard to remember that you had a schedule before you got so...lazy. finding that again is like a great big gift to yourself. it's a budget...for your time. want to do something? put it in the budget. write it down (fans of david allen's book getting things done will know what i am talking about here.) things that once seemed daunting turn into one step here, one step there, nothing to worry about.

some things you're going to hear from me soon... click read more for the details

step by step, how to podcasting guide, including how to record in 2 locations at the same time, and retain audio integrity (for people separated by distance that still want to do a show together) (these have been done before, but i am going to add a special digitribe spin to all of this.)

more of the same!
we've got a new season of the uncanny valley coming up, starring your lovable furry host, andrew kemp.
i am also going to keep doing live from the cocoon, of course specializing in the finest dance music.

new stuff
some of this i feel good talking about and some ideas need just a few more tweaks before i feel comfortable releasing into the wild.

the music junkie - this format is going to be all for the music junkie, and the aspiring music junkie. several segments are planned, including history of features, 7 riffs of separation, music you must hear before you die, vanity segments (hair metal, rap, indie, the dc hardcore scene, we'll do it all.) hopefully we can ring in several special guests for all of this, but it's all about the music. we'll play it, and we'll talk about it.

we've also got a podcast idea cooking involving showcasing local and touring comedians, highlighting their material, and backstage thoughts and ideas.

i could use some help though. if you are a writer of original stories, and would like to hear those translated into a radio play format, let me know. also, if anyone would like to be a guest on any of the podcasts by all means, let me know, we'll try to make it happen.

we're creating a digital music store and that has the potential to give everyone extremely quick access to some of the livesets and sessions with various digitribe audio players.

if all of that was not enough, we are still working on the 1k feature, and hopefully i can share bits of audio with you in the future, i'd love to do that.

i want to thank everyone who continued to listen in 2008 and continue to wait for the next season of the uncanny valley. it means a lot to me every time i see a new comment, or a new download number pop up, and it makes me want to work harder. so the gist is this, the more interactivity and involvement i see, the more original content you get. it's just that simple. here's to a great 2009...let's blow it up before the aliens (or mayans) get here!

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