I'm 31

Yeah.... as some of you no doubt figured out, today was my birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes. Even better, more awesomer thanks to those who sent bourbon with their well wishes. (Top Shelf Wishes?)

Among my list of birthday presents this year, I received: some awesome home made art from my kids, lunch at the Vortex with a good friend, a circuit board picture frame for my office with a sketch of me with the kids, and a kick ass new short film script from Andy that gave me 7 new gray hairs from worrying about how we were going to pull it off.

I'm sooo behind schedule on post-production for the new feature - and here we are adding new projects... new HARD projects! Would you guys do me a favor and tell us that our films suck and that you don't want to see a new short film ... ?

Ah well. More stuff on the way soon.

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