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What's your take on all the comic book movies? Dawn of a new, glorious day - or - go read the friggen books you illiterate bastard?

Erik Ellickson

Who needs a screenwriter or a script when a producer can easily browse through the comic book rack at Circle K?

Andrew Kemp

It's a blip, just like westerns, pirate movies, space operas, and a bunch of other genres that have peaked and dwindled over the years. And just like those genres, the superhero movie is pushing through its natural cycle. They had some awkward first tries, were perfected as a formula, had at least one genuine classic come through ("The Dark Knight"), and are now being deconstructed, parodied, and otherwise torn apart for new material. Eventually we'll all move on to the next big genre, and superhero movies will become box office poison once more, and some filmmaker will produce a documentary about the history of comic book cinema that will play on IFC forever, but our kids' kids will look at superhero flicks with the same yawn with which we looked at "boring" black and white mysteries when we were young and dumb. And then we'll sit wheezing in our easy chairs, complaining to anyone who will listen that they'll never make a movie half as good as "Spider-Man 2" again and that "starlets" today don't have the class and charm Jennifer Garner had in Elektra's left pinkie, and our families will placate and patronize us until we die, fondly remembering when good guys could be good and the bad guys blew up banks and kids still looked for entertainment in 32 four color pages of joy and a subsequent two-hour adaptation.

...... Too dark? Comix are kool.

Jason Norred

Andy.. even as an old man I will never look back fondly on Jennifer Garner as Electra. She's not even Greek. (That was a Geekin' joke for those of you who have not bought the DVD - oh and maybe you should do that.. slacker)




"Pippin: Anyways, you need people of intelligence on this sort of... mission... quest... thing.
Merry: Well, that rules you out, Pip. "

April Fall McCl... | Tue, 06/30/2009 - 12:54

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