So yesterday evening I was visited by the one... the only JVS, and we set out to catch up on a little editing - seeing as I've recently lagged a bit behind. I am happy to say that 10 hours and a couple of bourbons later, we had completed a pretty major sequence, and now... today we have officially 1 hour of assembled movie.

Thats kinda rad.

Now, when I say, assembled... I mean that in the most minimal way possible of course. The transitions are rough, the image qualities are raw, the audio has not even been touched. But ... its a step in the process.

So... here is to having an hour of movie, and being a little closer today than yesterday.


Awesome - I thought I saw

Awesome - I thought I saw his Jeep over there last night. I like the still shot/advert. :)

~ Trish Rhodes
Digitribe Developer

Those who create, heal - Sir Ben Kingsley

Trish Rhodes | Sun, 09/27/2009 - 22:25

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