01/01/10 Comedy Shoot

A few of us were talking earlier this year about how - even though we were working hard on the editing of the new feature, we hadn't released any shorts or skits in some time. We have had a handful of scripts sitting around for a while, and we're all getting a little bit ansy and wanting to film something. So we thought we should pick a weekend, bring some of our fragmented team back in town from far off lands - and shoot something fun.

On January 1, 2010 - we're going to set out to film as many comedy shorts as we can get complete in 48 hours. We have 5 scripts ready to go, and anticipate completing 3-4 of them.

We are inviting our friends to come out and screw around with us if you are in the Atlanta area. We don't know exactly what we need yet - as we are still picking scripts - but if you want to come hang out and be around ... maybe you'll get a chance to act, hold a microphone, or just get someone coffee/beer...

Call our office at 818-308-5550, and leave a message if you are interested!

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