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Should video games try to be movies? Also, we talk Kevin Smith, An Education, and the merits of Tracey Morgan. A very ranty episode.

(This week's music brought to you by An Education and Mass Effect...)

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Joseph Rhodes | Sun, 02/21/2010 - 14:03

My .02

All I have to say about the movie/video game debate is that nowadays video games are mostly geared towards storytelling. As we know, movies have always been about storytelling. I think that the earlier days of video games had more repetitive functions and less emphasis on telling a story, which I think the Wii has brought back with unique control styles.

Anyways, I consider it like I do debates about art. Some people sculpt, some people draw, but all artists make art. I don't think the medium itself matters, as long as the artist attains his/her desired goal in making said art. Same can be said for gaming/movies. I personally don't care what medium a storyteller uses as long as the story is great. Heck, some of us still prefer a campfire story to get horror across as opposed to a big screen. Even more of us like stories that are created and decided by literal rolls of the dice and stats of a character jotted down on paper.

So I am in total favor of the current gaming trend, using story as the basis of a game but cutting back on the actual gameplay so that a story can be told. I also like games that consider this and design some elements around the story they want to tell but with less linear elements and more random or collected results. As I said, if I can sit back during the credits and applaud the story then I don't care about all the bells and whistles, or lack thereof.

"I sing like an amputee - can't hold a note, can't carry a tune."

Erik Ellickson | Fri, 04/16/2010 - 11:33

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