Wrapping with Katie and Cameron


At the wrap party for the latest DigiTribe film project - actor Katie Farrell and DigiTribe staple, Cameron Cook, talk about their feelings.

Breaking Radio Silence

It's really hard to think of of something worthy of posting to the front page of the site, when we have gone so long without posting anything.

We've obviously been busy making the film that we spent the first half of 2008 telling everyone we were going to make. So, the logical thing would be to give everyone an update on that.

But I'm on my way out right now, and don't have the time to tell you about that ... so instead .....

how about a monkey?


bLacklUng - this is the cocoon

78:46 minutes (108.93 MB)

tech trance, epic trance, progressive, it's all here...

01. JOOP - 3008 (SHOKK rmx)
02. Adam Szabo - Altra Danilo (Ercole Tech mix)
03. Sunlounger, Zara - Lost (Dance version)
04. Sam Sharp - InDeep
05. John Marks - Do it Again (Ron Van Beuken rmx)
06. Boric - Chosen 1
07. Distorted - Spellbound feat Witaz (Jon Guard rmx)
08. Timofey, Bartosz Brenes - Skorogovorka
09. Jurrane, Sly One - Second Summer (Dark mix)
10. Yoshi, Future - DAWN
11. Marcus Schossow - Girls Suckcess
12. Charly H Fox - THe Countdown
13. Zoo Brazil - The Age of Love
14. Dennis Sheperd - Run Away (Alucard rmx)
15. Tritonal - Lights Over Auston

bLacklUng - more cowbell

57:44 minutes (72.23 MB)

some more stellar drum and bass this time, with more cowbell...

01 - Future Prophecies - Boomerang
02 - Gridlok - The Media is a Joke
03 - John B - Dancing in the Dark
04 - Counterstrike - Never Enough Featuring Soma
05 - DJ Pleasure - In the Dark (VIP Mix)
06 - Silent Witness & Break - Visions of the Future
07 - Erb n Dub - Running
08 - Future Signal - Assassin
09 - Sleeper Cell & Masheen - Jet Lag
10 - Silent Witness - TimeChaser
11 - DJ Norm - Killer Boom
12 - Break - Groundwork (2007)
13 - Random Movement - Lesson & Aftermath
14 - Silent Witness & Break - Module
15 - Gridlok & Origin - Snap the Whip

bLacklUng - dark primitive 81208

64:42 minutes (62.64 MB)

Axiom, Dementia - Continuum
Dieselboy - o.d.
Axis Trank - The Scent
Evol Intent - Unexplained Sounds (feat. Demo)
Dieselboy - Machine March
Dope Ammo - Roots Future (Nicol Majistrate remix)
Mindscape, Bulletproof, Tiki - Dark Times
Psidream, Axiom, Otpiv - Break in
Evol Intent - 8 Bit Bitch (feat. Ewun)
Dieselboy - Rail Gun
Bulletproof, Teknik - Visions
Hallucinator - Heretic
Gridlock, Bulletproof - Dark Times Desperate Measure (feat. MC Dino)
Spor - Breathe In Scream Out
Bulletproof - 3Way

Uncanny Valley - Episode 11

69:24 minutes (27.69 MB)

Andy and Joey disclose their Top Five favorite films, plus discussions on James Cameron, Hancock, Pixar, and some Yor, Hunter From the Future love.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 10.5

26:03 minutes (9.9 MB)

Want to know what happens when Joey and Andy decide to podcast drunk at Joey's bachelor/birthday party?

Oh. Well, click it anyway. In here, you'll find talk on some of the recent summer blockbusters... um... Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, I think... and some other stuff I can't remember from the booze haze.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 10

69:30 minutes (27.48 MB)

The Uncanny Valley unknowingly celebrates its tenth episode with special guest Justin Morgan (Geekin'). We debate the careers of Spielberg and Lucas, go in search of a girl-powered blockbuster, poke fun at Indiana Jones, and try to figure out which '80s TV kid had that disease that made them short...

Uncanny Valley - Episode 9

61:24 minutes (24.47 MB)

Erik the PSoPL joins up for a full show, discussing summer movies Speed Racer, Prince Caspian, and (of course) Iron Man. The $1,000 Feature! Rambo! Technical glitches! Plus, the Mad Scientist confesses his secret passion.

Film as Cheesesteak


The experience of The $1,000 Feature can be summed up by a guy named Mike and a boatload of Philly Cheesesteaks.

Mike is a guy who makes things happen. He’s been part of the Digitribe crew and extended family since, well, the beginning. He’s good people. For this project, Mike has offered to do battle with the demon of Craft Services, and we have graciously ceded the task. See, when trying to stretch $1,000 into a movie, feeding people is a concern. A big one. Run some quick match calculations. I’ll wait.

“Let’s see. McDonald’s for 15 people is about $100 a day. Times ten days of shooting. Equals…… bugger.”

The math is never great, but Mike is working to make it tolerable. At our last several production meetings, he’s stormed in near the end of things with plastic grocery sacks and a wild look in his eye, like Ben Gunn sprung loose from the Food Lion. “I’ve found a way to feed ten people on $30,” he’ll say one week. “Fifteen people, $20,” he’ll say the next. I’m afraid of where this trend might be leading.

"25 people for $1."

"30 people for a net profit of 25 cents."

"39 people by sacrificing the 40th."

It was as I noshed on his latest concoction – super filling, super good cheesesteaks for some mere fraction of actual money – that it dawned on me. This is as good as it gets, baby.

We might be insane for taking on such a daunting challenge as making this film on ten Ben Franklins, but I couldn’t be more excited by what I’m seeing out of our crew. This is homespun, hand-crafted movie making. In past films, the answer to every problem was inevitably money. More lights, more equipment, more, more, more. In this film, we’re discovering new ways to answer every question and solve every riddle. You should hear Jason’s theory on lighting streets at night.

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