Filmmaking is hard

We are getting closer to wrapping up pre-production on the $1000 Feature Film. Over the last several weeks we have been struggling mostly with locations and props - spending our weekly production meetings tracking down various set options that were appropriate and free. (For a glimpse into this process as it relates to props, check out Andy's recent blog post.) We are finally close to closing that door, which means we are closer to an actual plan of how we are going to shoot this thing.

Next, its time to lock down a tentative shooting schedule, and start to staff up. We're looking for crew help of all types. If you are local to Atlanta, willing to work hard and show up day after day ... leave us a comment. Also, be on the lookout in the coming days for an official announcement regarding Open Call Auditions this month!
More soon.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 8

60:57 minutes (24.46 MB)

Andrew and the Mad Scientist discuss nudity equality at the movies, diss the thinking behind the new Indiana Jones, rave and yawn over European classics, and enjoy a little taste of the lightning round.

UV Alert!

The Uncanny Valley Podcast left three dead in its mindless rampage through downtown Tokyo this week. Due to the untold billions in property damage and the gallons of sedative used to subdue the podcast, it will be forced to miss its normally scheduled release date. Barring any unforseen complications or giant moth attacks, the podcast will return at its next scheduled release date, somewhere around April 14.

Locations: The Reason We Invented Green Screen

I'm more of a "classical" George Lucas fan. Classic Lucas gave us Indiana Jones and Star Wars and the wackiness of THX-1138. Modern Lucas gave us midichlorians, whiny Vader, and Indy vs. Aliens. I consider my position to be one of considerable strength.

One quirk I've consistently given Lucas hell for, though, is one I'm reconsidering. I never understood, and actually outright loathed, his obsession with creating these digital, video-game locations to put his actors into. It's difficult to drag out a proper performance, it overwhelms the story, and, worst of all, it just doesn't look or feel real.

After a few weeks of working on locations for the $1000 Feature Film, I'm definitely not saying I want to paint every wall in the DigiCave green, throw some actors up against them, and who-gives-a-shit if they can't act, they'll act poorly in an awesome location. I'm not ready to say all of that... but I get it.

Finding locations is hard work. You start with words on a page, a loose description of a building or a field or a towering spire of obsidian rock. Most of the time, these words do not correspond to any real life spot, but rather one the writer dreamed up out of the mulch pile in his or her mind. Sometimes, as was the case with many of the 1KF's locations, the spot is some dimly remembered set from the writer's childhood, something that may or may not even remain in existence. In either case, it's now the crew's duty to take these vague specifics and translate them into an actual real-world location. To do this, they simply have to find the 20 or 30 perfect spots, narrowed down from every physical location on the surface of the earth.

Saving Money

Saving Money

Trying to make a feature film for $1000.00 sure will make you consider a lot of ways to cut costs.

Atlanta Screening

We wanted to let everyone know that we have been invited to screen two of our recent short films at a local event this Saturday, March 22nd.

FILMAtlanta is sponsoring the One Day SHOOT Films Festival at the Clarkston Community Center a few miles East of Atlanta. A host of local filmmakers will be screening films they have completed recently, and it should be a lot of fun.

We'll be screening After and The Statement of Randolph Carter, and we will of course have a table set up with some Geekin' stuff.

You should definitely come hang out with us. John Morehead has promised to sneak in some booze in his crotch.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 7

55:07 minutes (22.36 MB)

Spring Break! Erik (The PSofPL) returns to dispense wisdom on the best baseball movies ever made, plus movie-to-theme-park-ride comparisons. Also, Andrew shares a tender story of booze, strippers, and the movie Jumper.

Uncanny Valley - Episode 6

51:46 minutes (21.2 MB)

The Uncanny Valley goes topical! Joey and I discuss The Signal, the Oscars, and the problem with the state of entertainment today. Plus, a Raylette stops by to chat.

The Statement of Randolph Carter

Finally, here is our latest short film endeavor. The Statement of Randolph Carter, is a short film based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft.

If you have any trouble with this version, a low resolution, bandwidth friendly version can be found on YouTube.

Enjoy the film, share it with your friends and make sure to comment here and let us know what you think!

What The Hell Con

In just a couple more days some of the gang here at DigiTribe will be making our way to What The Hell Con/ in Greensboro, North Carolina. I'm particularly excited about this trip as What The Hell Con takes place at my alma mater, Guilford College. It's been several years since I've been back up to Greensboro, so I'm looking forward to revisiting the old stomping grounds as it were and seeing some familiar faces.

We'll be screening Geekin', after, and The Statement of Randolph Carter, as well as speaking on a film making panel. You can the find the schedule on What The Hell Con's site linked above for the particular times and locations. The convention is free, so if you're in the Triad area, come by, check things out, and say hello.

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