getting back on track

it feels good to get back on track. for the holidays i let myself spiral out of the contracts and schedules i had set for myself. that's ok, everyone needs some breathing room (especially when creativity is at hand) as not to burn out. sometimes though, it's hard to remember that you had a schedule before you got so...lazy. finding that again is like a great big gift to yourself. it's a budget...for your time. want to do something? put it in the budget. write it down (fans of david allen's book getting things done will know what i am talking about here.) things that once seemed daunting turn into one step here, one step there, nothing to worry about.

some things you're going to hear from me soon... click read more for the details

an update on the korg ds 10, and another video

so the korg ds 10 cartridge for the nintendo ds has been pushed back until october 14th. i'm seriously thinking about getting a homebrew cart so i can play with this now...

still have my preorder.

this is a very serious tool, and not just a tool. watch the below video and see if you can't imagine having a few people together, one on bass, one on leads, a couple on drums, and a lead. this is amazing stuff (if i did it right, the below link should be high quality.)

korg ds cartridge comes out sept 29th, pre-orders starting now.


so yeah, i'm totally stoked.

Two patchable dual-oscillator analog synth simulator, -part drum machine that uses sounds created with the analog synth simulator? check.

Six-track (analog synth x 2, drum machine x 4) /16-step sequencer, Delay, chorus, and flanger sound effects available from the mixing board? check.

Three different note-entry modes: Touch Screen control, keyboard screen, and matrix screen? check.

Real-time sound control mode via Touch Screen control,Exchange sounds and songs and play with up to eight units simultaneously through a wireless communications link? check?

39.99? i'm definitely there.

i can't believe this is an actual nintendo ds production cartridge, and not some hack. this is great.



experimental musicians to jam, record, potentially self release, and potentially play live.

what i have to bring to the table:

home made instruments, custom home sample sets, kaossilator, several modded and unmodded zounds, various DS music software...


i'm interested in recording live, and swapping music files, in an effort to patch together my own unique vision of experimental music with other like and slightly like minded individuals. i want to create something groundbreaking, something that transcends boundaries, something that ties together the analog and the digital, the organic and the modified. i'm interested in re-creating the idea of a "band" with modular instruments, where microcosm music stations build together to create something out of this world. i'm interested in heavy jam sessions, recording everything, mixing and remixing everything from the onset through to the very end of post production. i'm interested in releasing this music, and inviting others to listen to this in live sets, where everyone invited has the chance to participate, even if just creating a mood. i've taken the idea of the drum circle and expanded that to the digital drum circle, and now, over a decade later, after a long and unnecessary hiatus, i'm ready to go the next step and create a sonic music circle.


i'm looking for all types of musicians, button pushers, DJs, mashup destroyers and audio tweakers.

i want to experiment.

i want open minds.

if this sounds intriguing, hit me up. the mad scientist awaits...

old equipment, new equipment

m-audio firewire 410

so remember my post about the focusrite saffire firewire audio interface? well i couldn't get it to do crap. it's was just tanked. after much pressing my case, guitar center in fayetteville truly stepped up to the gate and let me exchange it for the m-audio firewire 410. it pretty much does the same thing, and so far it works like a champ. it definitely allowed me to use my voice to new heights for the short film we've been working on (see if you can figure out what is my voice in all of the sound effects, special effects, and score.)

i've been working on some personal things, and hope i can make a go of them as well, and one of them may even be featured on this weeks vault friday audio blog, but i am not sure about that one yet.

keep watching...


so i know, i missed the vault friday. i've been fighting with the focusrite saffire and i am just about to give up (see my previous blog entry)

but hey, i promise i will do a valut friday this you get two!

the gear just keeps on flowing...

focusrite saffire

so i got even more gear the other day...thus finishing up the aforementioned gift card. this time i got a sweet firewire interface to record into the computer, 4 tracks at once. 4 tracks isn't alot, but it's all i need and this is portable, going from computer to computer, and all with no latency. for those of you not familiar with that term in these circumstances, musicians know about and deal with a certain lag in speed when it comes to audio interfaces. a key press or something recorded going into usb may take a millisecond or two to make it to the computer, thus creating a source of frustration like no other.

this doesn't have that latency.

also it can output 7.1 surround sound if i so desire, which i do. i just have to get that many speakers now ;-)

in other related news the cocoon is getting a mild upgrade soon as i will be moving into the room previously known as the theatre room. i just need the space. but this is good. i'll be able to hook up my drum kit and my kawai xd-5 head unit as well. live drumming ftw.

i should go to bed. see you guys later...

the next live from the cocoon session is coming up...

does anyone have any special requests of what type of show you'd like to hear? live from the cocoon comes out every month on the 15th (or around there) there is plenty of time...

so most of you know...i'm a mike patton fan...

wanted to plug this latest interview with him in it...alot of music and film talk

"I may eat my words one day. I will swallow my mistake. You're never going to break!"

That above quote comes from the new Mike Patton album "A Perfect Place". This score is from Derrick Scocchera's short film of the same name. And it's a complicated soundtrack that, much like all of Patton's work, stretches through many different genres of music. Of note to most hardcore Patton fans is that he is actually singing on a few tracks here. While some of the music is orchistrative in its nature, there's also a pop song and a ragtime ballad included. It is a full-blown work of genius that almost overshadows its visual counterpart. In fact, the Ipecac album is twice as long as Scocchera's debut.

new gear woohoo!!!


oh yeah! i got a lovely gift certificate to guitar center (god bless my beautiful fiancee) and bought online the behringer bcr-2000. it's a pretty cool control surface that i plan on using with ableton live for doing live music and also a bit of dj'ing. hopefully i can get a video up of me using it.

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