Frank Miller: Why The Hate?

Preface: I do not love or hate Frank Miller. I am seeking clarity on the geek community at large about all the rapidly increasing Frank hate.

Apparently I've been in a self-induced geek coma for I am guessing at least two years now. Lately, as of early December or so, I've been reading about Frank Miller and how he'd eventually go on to butcher The Spirit. This basically came to truth without a fight when the film released but the hate seemed to get turned up a notch with the rumor about Frank Miller wanting to do a Buck Rogers imagining. After reading countless forums and blogs, I decided to take a step back to try to grasp some perspective on what the hell was happening in front of me.

Didn't this guy recently make the well-received film adaptation of his own work in Sin City? Seriously, right? I vividly recall standing outside a theater with a group of friends chatting up about how much we enjoyed the film. Then the 300 eventually came to pass, and although not as well-received as Sin City, I still did not come across the Frank Miller hate that I am now.

So that was it before The Spirit, right? I mean, this is 2009 and I suddenly didn't end up in a wormhole in the future where Frank Miller remade Napoleon Dynamite, right? So what the heck is going on? Again, I am not trying to defend the guy, but I am completely clueless as to the nosedive he has taken over recent months. Was there a sleeper I didn't hear about? Did he say or do something?

I thought he was well respected and at least a visual genius. I understand visuals alone a great film does not make but, yeah, I feel like Sinclair here with a giant hole in my mind. So all you Minbari out there clue this fellow geek in please.

Origin & Tutorial

I guess the one thing I am open to discuss freely regarding my current Digitribe involvement is making webcomics. If you haven't had a chance, please check out my work over at the Comic Parodies. Any and all feedback is welcome, mainly because I just jump in head first into an idea I find funny but could easily be unfunny to someone else. Your reaction is important, what direction would you like to see me take? What's working? What isn't? What characters would you like to see? If I need to retire now and delete Photoshop entirely, why?

Anyways, I figure I'd reveal my background regarding all of this craziness. The root of all of this, for me, is the art form of the parody itself. This goes all the way back to my childhood with classics such as Spaceballs, Top Secret!, Airplane, stuff like that. My love of comics happened eventually and thanks to the recent explosion of the webcomic format, I decided to climb on and give it a shot. Oh, it also helps that I started self-teaching myself Adobe Photoshop around a decade ago. That is key.

Specifically, I give credit to my start to CapVSBats. I believe I stumbled upon him and his site on an old Iron Man forum or something, I actually can't recall specifically, just that he welcomed my first submission warmly and immediately put it on his site. I'm sure it never got a lot of traffic but I am still appreciative of the confidence boost I got from that experience.

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