out of the ashes

so, after some bizarre computer issues i think i am finally back on track. so we'll be seeing new smashcut content very soon. the only hurdle left is to recreate all the bumpers, etc...but it can be done. stay tuned!!!

dark primitive

so as promised i posted the first of what i hope to be a few sets this month to make up for the dry summer. what you get is a really dark as hell set of cutting edge DnB. i stuck with a small crate for this, just because it made sense for the feeling i was trying to get across.

friends, this is some heavy heavy shit...

how to automatically get your dosage of the digitribe podcast network...

if you want to automatically receive the uncanny valley in itunes and your ipod, goto advanced in itunes, clcik on subscribe to podcast, and put this in there


if you'd like live from the cocoon put this in there


this is the same with any other podcatcher...

the next live from the cocoon session is coming up...

does anyone have any special requests of what type of show you'd like to hear? live from the cocoon comes out every month on the 15th (or around there)...so there is plenty of time...

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