The Jason Voorhees Filmography Countdown

In celebration of the most recent Friday, February 13th and of the release of the series "reboot" of Friday the 13th, I have decided to take a journey down memory lane and review all past films featuring the world's most iconic fictional slasher, Jason Voorhees.

I was introduced to Jason at a very young age (late nights on the USA Network, woohoo!) and I've been a megafan ever since. I vividly recall childhood camping trips where I would summarize the films by campfire to anyone that bothered to listen. I even dedicated a Halloween or two to Jason by fixing up the best hockey masked slasher costume I could scrounge up. No other slasher or horror movie stands up to this character or his movies so added incentive to compose these reviews are evident. If this is the year that we celebrate briefly Jason again, I owe it to myself and to the film franchise to write all I can about it.

For those who missed my Arnold Schwarzenegger Countdown, the process is as follows. Using my fanboy powers, I go back and rewatch all pertinent movies and carefully decide how to rank them in regards to all around personal enjoyment. I'll provide an official poster for each film, a cast list, brief synopsis, my take, thoughts on the film score, body counts, favorite kill, and probably more when it comes closer to the time that I start posting up each film review. For a categorical look, here is what I am projecting:

The Specs - Title, Release Date, Tagline, Cast
The Review - My take on the film
The Score - Brief thoughts on the music
The Sequence - My favorite, most memorable scene
The Body Count - Total on screen or implied deaths of anyone by anyone
The Line - My favorite quote of the film
The Shot - The singular image that defines the film
My Favorite Kill - The most unique death, most likely
The Man Behind The Mask - Short commentary on each portrayal/performance of Jason

The Surprising Affects Of 3-D


Last night, I discovered that there is only one thing worse than watching a 3-D movie in 3-D and coping with the countless "I'M POKING YOU!" moments. It's having to watch a 3-D movie on TV without any 3-D capability whatsoever and then having to deal with the "I'M STILL POKING YOU ANYWAYS!" moments.

If you're a glutton for punishment, try it sometime.

Storyboards & Strategy

When the new Digisite launched I knew I wanted to dedicate my blog here as an outlet to discuss and share what I do for any given project I happen to be assisting with at the time. With the recent release of The Statement of Randolph Carter, I decided it was time to detail a little bit of what my responsibilities were for the project, what I learned, how I overcame, and how this will apply to future projects. As the film credits will reveal, not only was I one of the Production Assistants, I also accepted the task of Storyboarding. As a PA, all I really did was assist in digging a hole and clearing a path through some woods so I figured it'd be best to focus this entry on the more interesting/unique of the two tasks.

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