What will you do with the extra second?

Apparently, we have an extra second tonight that is being tacked on to the end of 2008 to realign Atomic Time and Terrestrial Time. Small variances in the earth's rotation, have built up where it is now necessary to have 61 seconds in the last minute of the year. A leap second.

What are you going to do with your extra second? Don't let it go to waste. Pick something to do with it - and use your extra time wisely.

where i'm at...

Empty promises? Broken dreams? Quiet podcast? Hotel towels?

None of the above sir/madam.

It's been one crazy summer. I got married (woohoo) and went to Aruba for 7 days (double woohoo) and now I'm helping DigiTribe film this little movie, the 1k feature (working title withheld.)

So...i've neglected the cocoon. And i have to apologize deeply for that. I had big plans for the podcast this summer, but the other big plans got in the way.

No worries though, i'm still working on music, and i'm still dj'ing out and about. I almost had a regular thing at slice, but they had to close up suddenly and i terribly miss the pizza and the monthly gig.

i'll be dj'ing utrecht's 10 year anniversary/back to school party on august 19th. They're changing the prices in the whole store to those of the year of 1998. freakin crazy. goto for directions.

Anyway i'm going to be spinning a marathon 6 hours there, 6pm-midnight. All kinds of stuff. You should come by and say hi. For real. Then you can go next door, buy me some tater tots, and then across the street and get me a venti soy ice mocha. ;-) Seriously though, stop by, show some support and say hey. I'd love to see you all out there...

In other news the 1k feature we're doing is shaping up to be a very cool film. I won't lie, the actual filming process is hard. And i sort of loathe it. But the sweat put in hopefully yields good results.

In watching the shots come together, I can hear a very interesting score come together in my head. That's the part i am most excited about.

I've got some other things going on that i can't talk about right now, but some projects are shaping up quite nicely.

that's about it. i'll catch you kids later...

p.s. I plan on putting up some podcasts real soon, to make up for the dry spell this summer has yielded. so look for those here.

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