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out of the ashes

so, after some bizarre computer issues i think i am finally back on track. so we'll be seeing new smashcut content very soon. the only hurdle left is to recreate all the bumpers, etc...but it can be done. stay tuned!!!

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 17

60:39 minutes (41.86 MB)

This week: Andrew's love letter to Tarantino's love letter to the movies, Inglourious Basterds. Plus, a summer movie roundup, Paul Blart, and a look at the nerd rage surrounding the Avatar trailer.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 16

60:05 minutes (41.47 MB)

On this week's show, Andrew nitpicks the summer's critical darling, the blockbuster District 9, and unleashes an undisputed movie truth. Plus Blacula, Uwe Boll, and the week's new releases.
***Spoilers (District 9) 0:28:00 - 0:39:00***

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 15

60:08 minutes (41.5 MB)

On this week's show, Andrew provides sage parenting advice for new Dad, Joey. Plus, a discussion on the passing of John Hughes, Repo! The Genetic Opera, G.I. Joe, and the upcoming District 9.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 14

66:24 minutes (45.6 MB)

On this week's show, we discuss the latest Harry Potter offering and Andrew rants about where the series has gone right, and where it has gone very wrong. Plus, favorite film franchises, City by the Sea, and the fine art of Brucesploitation.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 13

52:41 minutes (36.18 MB)

This week, we celebrate some cinematic bad-asses, from the tommy gun maniacs in Michael Mann's Public Enemies to the quintessential Man With No Name (or Three Men With Three Different Names.)

*NOTE*: This episode contains music from merge recording artist She and Him. Our only intent is to promote this artist in the context that it is movie related (one of the members is a movie starlet.) To discourage piracy we have kept the file at a measly 96kbps (and in mono I might add) which would hardly be worth your while to keep as an original. We do not own any of the rights to this song. If you enjoyed the song, please run to your local independent record shop and buy this album immediately. It will be worth your while.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 12

68:23 minutes (46.96 MB)

The Uncanny Valley podcast returns as SmashCut, an all-new, all-better, not-very-different show. This week, we discuss our long absence, Michael Bay's latest basket of explosions and nonsense, and the best and worst (so far) of 2009.

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