The Dangers of Genetic Research


... a DigiTribe comedy short about toying with human genetics. Produced in it's entirety over new year's weekend 2010 - Katie Farrell and Rachel Marshall are featured as neighboring mothers a bit too eager for the life successes of their children.



...a DigiTribe comedy short about New Year resolutions Produced in it's entirety over New Year's weekend 2010, this short features Andrew Kemp as a poor video game addicted shlub who desperately tries to cling to his resolutions against much adversity.



We were doing a screening at an Atlanta convention when Andy called me up with the idea of this skit. I'm not exactly sure why he thought of it, but I can't entirely rule out the possibility that it actually happened to him exactly the way we put it on video. Damn ... that must have been awkward for Justin. Cast Justin .... Justin Morgan Andy ...... Andrew Kemp

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