DigiTribe @ DragonCon 2008


A photo slideshow of the DigiTribe suite @ DragonCon 2008. Created by Russell Wickless

Rockband wrap party pt1


The cast and crew of DigiTribe's new $1k Feature Film plays a little Rockband at their wrap party. Jason Von Stein featured.

Wrapping with Katie and Cameron


At the wrap party for the latest DigiTribe film project - actor Katie Farrell and DigiTribe staple, Cameron Cook, talk about their feelings.

Roasting Chris Mifsud


In November of 2007, the DigiTribe crew gathered to celebrate Christopher's 30th birthday by roasting him in a public arena.

Late Night Edit Session


It's been a painful, delirious ride ... but I think the trip is almost complete. After a weekend post-production sprint to finish "The Statement of Randolph Carter" - I looked up from my keyboard today to find that there wasn't really anything left to do save make a render and show it to a test audience. (Hopefully, the test audience will have a tad less "brain fatigue" than I) If you can't quite picture the manifestation of said "brain fatigue" - just watch this video.

DigiTribe @ DragonCon 2006


shot by Trish edited by fs8gbe music by cee-lo, dangermouse, and Cameron Cook

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